Pairing QardioCore

Once you have downloaded the Qardio App on your iOS device and created or logged in to your Qardio App account you will be ready to pair and begin using your QardioCore.


First, open the Qardio App on your device and ensure that you are logged in to your account, and in the QardioCore section of your app. Check your phone or tablet to make sure Bluetooth is turned on.


Next, position your QardioCore on your chest and attach both straps so it switches on. When prompted, touch your phone or tablet to your QardioCore – don’t worry if you are wearing a shirt over your QardioCore, it will still be able to detect the connection.


In several seconds a message will appear on your mobile device requesting a pairing confirmation. Select the “PAIR” option. You will receive confirmation on the Qardio App that your QardioCore has been connected successfully and will be able to view your live biometric data.


That’s it! Your QardioCore is now securely paired and ready to use. You can close the Qardio App and go about your normal day whilst QardioCore records your ECG data.


Please refer to the QardioCore user manual for further details.

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